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BT Micro

BT Micro

The BT Micro offers a complete office solution with multi-line handsets, Broadband router, WLAN, and a DECT (digital cordless) handset, all in one box. It has the latest wireless security features including firewall with intrusion detection. You can use the BT Micro to connect up to 4 wired PCs and 10 wireless PCs to the internet.

The BT Micro allows you to operate your PSTN (standard phone line) and BT Broadband Voice line (phone calls over the internet), from one simple system. The BT Micro will even automatically select the most cost efficient lines for calls. We even have a dedicated BT Micro help desk to assist you in getting the best out of your BT Micro.

Make calls over your internet connection

With BT Micro you can add two Business Broadband Voice (VoIP) lines easily and economically. Answer any type of call from any phone (whether a PSTN or a VoIP call). Share common voicemail and call management platforms for both phone lines. The DECT handset allows you to talk anywhere (add up to 4 DECT handsets).

The BT Micro has the following in-built features:


  • Call pick-up
  • Call waiting
  • Call forward
  • Call hold
  • Music on hold
  • Conference
  • Do not disturb
  • Night service
  • Voicemail
A sinle analogue line connection with the capacity for 2 x voip lines makes this a very cost effective small system. As part of the BT Versatility family it can easily be changed if your business grows and utilise the BT Micro telephones.


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Product no.: 590

BT Micro combined router and telephone system complete with dect telephone. a great system for home or small buisness.

Cheapest Available £64.00 *

In stock

Product no.: 767
Additional DECT handset for the BT Micro system
£25.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: 764

The BT Versatility V8 White Featurephone is a BT Versatility 8 button featurephone. Compatible with the BT Versatility telephone system.

Cheapest Available £51.99 *

In stock

Product no.: 458
The BT Micro Featurephone is an 8 button featurephone. Compatible with the BT Micro telephone system.
£49.99 *

In stock

Product no.: 270
Standard Telephone for the BT Micro
£14.99 *

In stock

Product no.: 457

A Display analogue telephone for the BT Micro System. NOW WITH 10 YEAR GUARANTEE

£29.99 *

In stock

Door entry telephone for the BT Micro, Completely weather proof and comes with wall bracket.
Product no.: 232

A Great DECT Cordles Telephone Compatible with BT Versatility, BT Inspiration & Panasonic Telephone Systems

£35.00 *

In stock

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